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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I am seeking grooms for educated girl

Education :- M-Tech (Electronics & Communication) from JNTU Hyderabad(India), 4th semester on going.
B-Tech Completed from PUNJAB UNIVERSITY (India)

Complexion = Fair
Appearance = Good looks, Smart
Age = 22
stature = 5'.5"
Attitude = Well Mannered, Religious

Wanted a smart handsome Groom, well qualified Engineer, Doctor Or professor belong to educated and reputed Khan Family AHLEHADEES, Age bellow 32 from UP or Bihar. Interested persons can send the complete bio data and latest photo along with family and relative details at following E-mail address :, (Preferred: - working in Saudi Arabia (RIYADH & JEDHA ))
Not :- Groom Must be from UP or Bihar.

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