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Saturday, January 18, 2014

looking groom for urgent marriage

Bismillahi Alrahman Alraheem
Assalam Alaikum w rahmatulahi w barakatuhu,,
I am seeking for two handsome and religious grooms for my 2 daughters who are born and brought up here in Jeddah,KSA(iqama holders).I would prefer hadrami families or arabs with some Indian culture. My daughters are well acquainted with Arabian and Indian culture and they are very much well mannered and well educated. My elder daughter is 25 years old and the other one is 22.I would give more details on email like the bio data,details on education,complexion etc .If any hadrami families are interested. Please mail me on groom shouldn't age above 30 nor would I prefer a separated or divorced guy or 2nd marriage .The groom should be well settled in KSA and should send his bio data along with his photograph only if interested on my email as soon as possible.
May Allah help us and give us hidaya to make right decisions for our daughters and sons.
Fi Amanillah

P.S:-I would prefer only hadrami guys..or indian nationals with Yemeni origins. We wouldn't prefer Indians and Pakistanis. (No offense)

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